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”US has no right to attack Syria”

– If Obama attacks my country, he will add many dead and injured people to the list of US’ victims in Syria. It says Aliaa Mahfouz Ali from the Syrian city of Jableh .

After more than two years of fighting and terror, of death and destruction, the US and its allies are threatening to carry out a military aggression against Syria.

It evokes fear and desperation. One sign of this is the increased flow of refugees out of the country. It is obvious that these people do not trust Barack Obama's talk about protecting civilians.

The fact that the leader of the superpower thinks he has the right to wage wars and kill people in other countries is also something that provokes anger among Syrians.

– Obama, you are not God with the right to punish other countries. Stop pretending you are! If you attack my country you will be adding many dead and injured, in addition to the destruction of infrastructure, to the list of US’ victims in Syria.

These are the words of Aliaa Mahfouz Ali, an English teachers from Jableh on the Mediterranean coast. Proletären is asking her for a comment on Obama's war plans and attempt to get the Congress to approve an attack.

Like so many other Syrians she rejects the accusations that the Syrian government is behind the use of chemical weapons against civilians. The general feeling in Syria, says Aliaa Mahfouz Ali, is that if there is anyone who committed such heinous crimes, it is the armed gangs. And they have been directly or indirectly supported by US.

– For over two years, many Syrians have died because of US-trained snipers , US-backed jihadists and weapons supplied by the US. If attacking Syria al-Qaeda will be please to have U.S. forces fighting along with them, says Aliaa Mahfouz Ali.

Obama's alleged concern for the Syrian children is, according to Aliaa Mahfouz Ali, as trustworthy as the US concern for the children in Afghanistan and Iraq. She appeals to the US Congressmen:

– Do you want to cause more bloodshed or do you want stop this illogical war?

The parallels to past war crimes in the region is something May Almoudalal highlights when Proletären talks to her. She was born and raised in Iraq but is living and working in Damascus since eight years.

– In this situation, I return to my memories from Iraq. I have experienced the same atmospheres twice before, she tells Proletären and refers to the attacks on Iraq in 1991 and 2003.

– It is all the same events. It is the same kind of lies to justify the current war. But the US do not bring human rights and democracy by killing civilians all around Syria.

She denounces the plans of US and warns of the humanitarian consequences of an attack.

– The so-called military targets are located in the heart of Damascus and there are thousands of people living there. Bombardments would be a real massacre made by the hands of democracy and freedom.